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cuffsandcults's Journal

Cuffs Cults and Culdesacs
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Jean jackets, hoodies, sunglasses, scarfs, good hair, and broken hearts, isn't that what life is all about?

200 north, 80's, 80's movies, a silver mt zion, ac/dc, ace of base, alkaline trio, appleseed cast, art, as the sun sets, at the drive-in, avail, barcelona, beck, belle and sebastain, ben folds, big hair, bjork, blondie, bright eyes, built to spill, catpower, cross my heart, cruiserweight, cuffs, cults, cursive, dan pothast, dashboard confessional, dead poet society, deathcab for cutie, driving, elvis costello, fashion, forstella ford, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, glasseater, good hair, green, hey mercedes, hoodies, hot hot heat, hot water music, indie rock, jack's broken heart, jean jackets, jetender paul, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, joshua fit for battle, kinghorse, le shok, le tigre, les savy fav, madonna, mates of state, milemarker, millencolin, mix tapes, modest mouse, movies, mtx, music, nada surf, new amsterdams, numbers, operation: cliff clavin, patch, pedro the lion, phantom planet, photographs, photography, piebald, pirates, poetry, poison the well, promises, q and not u, red house painters, river city high, roadtrips, rocking horse winner, saves the day, scarfs, second story man, sleepytime trio, sunglasses, superdrag, texas is the reason, the anniversary, the breeders, the cardigans, the cranberries, the cure, the faint, the flaming lips, the get up kids, the gloria record, the grand prize, the juliana theory, the kodan armada, the mendoza line, the novas, the promise ring, the rentals, the spacetwins, the stryder, throwdown, thursday, travis, veruca salt, weezer, white octive, xbxrx, xxx, yellow, you and i